About Us

What is Sankofa Education Services?

Boy at ComputerSankofa Education Services (SES) is an educational consulting and training agency that seeks to achieve its mission by working with African-American homes, African-American churches and schools to develop strategies, policies, and programs essential to the academic success of African-American students.

Our Mission:

To ensure that African-American homes, African-American churches and public, private and home schools are culturally aligned to support the academic success of African-American students as a means of closing the academic achievement gap.


Sankofa Education Services founder Clarence E. Glover, Jr. is a veteran educator of over 30 years. He is the son of veteran educators Elizabeth Glover and the late Clarence E. Glover, Sr. – one of five siblings, Clarence’s entire life has been one shaped by home, church and school; grounded in a strong sense of African-American cultural identity and civic involvement.

Sankofa Education Services was created to address the growing need to successfully educate African-American students through incorporating culturally relevant strategies in the home, church and school. Researched based and data driven and grounded in years of personal and experience and professional practice, Sankofa Education Services seeks to fill the void related to a lack of understanding and appreciation of African-American culture and education.

Grounded in the research of Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings, the creator of the concept of “culturally relevant pedagogy” as it relates to African-American students, Sankofa Education Services translates hers and the research of others into practical application for the home, church and school.