“Da Conversation”

Have You Had “Da Conversation?”

For over thirty years Clarence Glover has been engaged in a multicultural conversation with individuals and institutions regarding the education of African-American students. Based on the root meaning of education, educe  “to draw out the best” he has challenged thousands across the nation to consider if we are truly drawing the best out of African-American students.  Now, through Sankofa Education Services, trained facilitators seek to expand “Da Conversation.”

Through thought-provoking questions and discussions individuals are guided on a sankofa journey exploring the history of our nation and education and its implications for educating or not educating African-American students today. Individuals share their cultural stories as a means of understanding themselves and others. Through the process of “thinking culturally” parents, church members, and educators come to understand the importance of culture in educating African-America students.

“Da Conversation” has led thousands to experience transformation as they expand their circle of relationships. Through continued reflection and action, individuals and institutions have come to understand the importance of all persons having the right to cultural dignity.

As African-Americans embrace cultural dignity they join with other cultures to affirm the reality of “one race; many cultures.”   African-American adults and youth are empowered with a new sense of identity that is nurtured by a multicultural education environment that affirms all students.

“Da Conversation” is culturally and linguistically congruent in that it introduces participants to the value of African-American language and dialect while empowering them to understand the importance of code switching as a means of affirming African-American culture and its relationship to other cultures.

If you have not had “Da Conversation” now is the time to have it. African-American students are waiting to release their best, but only if we can draw it out of them.

Have “Da Conversation” today and watch the transformation begin!