The “Brain is, Mind Does” Principle

March 6, 2014 in Latest News, Sankofa Seminars by Sitemanager

brain2colorsBasic to the work of Sankofa Education is an understanding of the brain -mind relationship or the neuro-cognitive process. Given the research on brain based education over the last 30 years there is now a growing file of research that seeks to connect the fields of neuro-science, cognitive science and education.

To unite these two major areas of study I have chosen to offer up “the brain is, the mind does principle” as a way of understanding the unique roles the brain and mind play in the education-learning process.
The brain is the organ and the mind is the invisible creative processes proceeding from the brain. The basic work of brain/mind education is done in the cerebral-cortex where dendrites connect through neurotransmitters causing synapses or “firing”.

The safer and more creative the learning environment is be it at home or school, the more “firing” learning is taking place. This requires that parents and educators are constructing creative, safe brain/mind learning activities for students to do both individually and in groups that are relevant and makes connections between what is being taught. The more stress free a student’s brain and the safer their environment, the better they will learn.

The recognition of gender and cultural cognition are important in an effort to reach all students.

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